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to going up 14ers. i worked for cnn. maybe brian's mother could double the viewership for cnn. [applause] bill o'reilly was at my house for dinner the other night with a group of people. i was not there. [applause] no, it's fine. there were lots of people there. i told bill reilly that i love fox. i love watching fox. in the conservatives can be on fox. i said, i am on cnn. i parachute in behind enemy lines. twice a week. i sit there on a panel 14 people. john kennedy says very courageous of you, bill. very anonymous said he. very courageous of you. no one is watching. what happened thursday in washington was a travesty. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am in john roberts. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am -- [applause] i will tell you why. i will tell you why because i know him. a lot of friends of his our friends of mine. i have a dinner with him. talks with him. i had some doubts when he came in durin. and i have expressed them to people who were in the business of setting because in 1990, i heard the name david souter. i was the drugs are at the time. i called my friend bil
to me and many of you, and i was out front, and i was the idiot who saw the cnn twitter and told everyone we won, and everyone went wild then i have to tell everybody we lost the -- lost. the takeaway that is tragic is there is no area safe from politics. we do not and meaningful constitutional protection for individual freedom or limitation on the power of government. that is frightening and tragic. if everything is pockets and politicians wheeled on limited power, unchecked by the constitution, then the solution is to work even harder in politics and make sure the people who win and have unlimited power are people who will choose not to use it or to restore the checks that we have lost, and that is why it is critical that we work harder to get more engaged and make sure that this election cycle is one that we win because this inflection point we are at where we cannot count on an external check of the democratic process makes it more critical than ever, unfortunately, there are more of lost them there are of them. if we work hard, we will win. i urge you to do everything we pos
of foolish. host: the "new york post" points out that mark whitaker said he was disgusted after cnn it mistakenly reported first that the supreme court had overturned the law and david hinckley looking at the ratings troubles with cnn but the biggest buzz they got was from its healthcare ruling gaffe. you want to get the story first, you know and you want to get it right. guest: it is a problem. we live and die by hits and being quick is the way to be first and being quick is also the way to be wrong. guest: i work for politico and nobody ever accused us of being slow to jump on a story. but on thursday morning we had reporters all over the court and outside the court and people in the newsroom and we waited until we had heard what the justice, what justice roberts said and had read the decision. you needed to read to page four of the decision to get to what actually happened. we made the decision and going in it thursday morning and then as everything was happening, it was about 10:20, that we would wait the extra three or four or even 10 minutes to make sure we got it right. but i
so much. i've had the opportunity to talk to both in many settings, on cnn and since, so i am very looking forward to how you and -- how you will connect the dots in terms of america's role in the world, making the case for diplomacy and development, and where you see this all going. it is hot in washington now. a strange season. you are famous for so many things. especially those pins that you wear. tell us about the pain you are wearing. >> i am wearing a frog tonight, either because we have to leap over the problems that plague this budget, or to make sure that public assistance does not croak -- foreign assistance does not croak. [laughter] [applause] >> where is your pain? >> she has all of the painins. >> when calling and i -- colin and i were on the committee, she would walk in with all his medals, and i was in your female civilian, i realized i needed some help -- in your female civilian, i realize i wanted some help. >> a lot of pins, carter did rich the preserved. secretary albright, let's dig into this. and when you were a secretary, there were serious efforts in congres
and freddie mac. i watched this on cnn and constantly. they kept saying the republicans wanted them to do something about fannie mae and freddie mac. senator dodd, he goes, that would be too hard. barney frank did not want it either because he wanted this. here is the thing that got them into it. the other thing is, how can they do anything about it. he got his daddy pose a job with how young is he? the vice-president has been a senator. the president does not get it. it did not know how the economy works. these are the guys in charge. just like nancy pelosi screaming about romney oppose a tax records. show as yours. she gets to be one of the first for all these other things that go into the fact. the government we need to see, their tax records, these are the people making these laws. their staffers, when they pass they did not know what was going on in dodd-frank. host: talk about some of the criticism on dodd and mr. frank. where do i begin. with a longtime member of the senate banking committee. he was part of the group that did try to deregulate wall street and capitol. whether that
] or those unforgettable moments in cnn, hanging chads. i wish i would have the presence of tim russert to transcend technology with a simple chalkboard. to look ateral ways this election. all of them lead to the conclusion that this will be a very close outcome. this is more stark this share then usual. the conditions versus the candidates. they decided majority of american voters believe the country is on the wrong track. most believe they're not better off than they were four years ago. that is bad news for a incumbent. many republicans acknowledge that as of today obama is a much better political candidates than his opponent. mitt romney has the highest negative rating of eastoany rect challenger. what about demographics versus the economy? voter profiles become a bigger part of democrats. on the other hand, no president has ever been collected since world war ii with an unemployment rates over 8%. 8% on election day will be on the optimistic side. money versus mobilization. what citizens united and the proliferation of political action committees, the republicans will have a money
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6

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